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    Card Worth:46

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    September 20 2014
    New Decks: halfhealed11, falsesweets08 Jigsaw: dearbrother04, humanshield01, original10, 1 Starseed Freebies: getoffme05, pinksugar04, truestarseed15, pinkmoon10, 1 Starseed Lucky Match: battlethree05, bitterbattle08, reissong01, 2 Starseeds Lost Letters: mydearfriend07, silenced08, 1 Starseed Relationships: ibelieveone06, silenced03, 2 Starseeds Mystery Beast: bathtime06, therapykisstwo01, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds Zoom: futurekitten02, galaxiastrikes01, 1 Starseed Slots (medium prize): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed point (wagered 5 star seeds)
    September 6 2014
    New Decks: dangerouscandy01, sailorstarfighter01 Jigsaw: hidingout01, sabaospray11, pinkmoon07, 1 Starseed Freebies: infernoone13, mamorusstory10, reissong09, genius02, 1 Starseed Zoom: defection11, jealousqueen03, 1 Starseed Mystery Beast: cyprineptilol12, twocrystals08, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds Relationships: cheater02, mosaicbuster02, 2 Starseeds Lost Letters: ironmouse09, mercurycrystalsp09, 1 Starseed
    August 19 2014
    Puzzle: deadscream13, love14, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds Mega Memory: sailorchibimoon03, saturnplanet12, 1 Starseed Hangman: sopeningtwob01, staywithme07, 1 Starseed So Vain: darkfire10, mimete02, yatenkou15, 2 Starseeds Warped: kickingbutt01, sassymouse12, smopeningtwoa14, 2 Starseeds Episode Guess: bitterbattle10, innerstrength04, viluy15, 2 Starseeds Lottery: deadscream12, mindcontrol07, War: eudial07, plutoplanet02 Traded with Samichan: My marspower15 for for their spaceswordone04 + mcs
    August 12 2014
    Traded with Hotaru: their spaceswordone12, partnerswap08 for my aquadream14 And member cards Traded with Angel: my beautifulrevenge01, heartoffire12 for their mimete09, spaceswordone01, spaceswordone10, and member cards Updates: princedemand01 and queenserenity01
    August 7, 2014
    Traded with Anne: their ail15, calaveras02, mistress907, tomoehotaru09, spaceswordone08, spaceswordone11 for my destiny01, sailorcosmos02, engagement07, fromthesky02, and member cards from the update I took: beautifulrevenge01 and pulltheplug08 Jigsaw:mooncrisis05, reflection06, time01, 1 Starseed Freebies: bangbang04, idolfail09, mooneternalone15, daughter07, 1 Starseed Lost Letters: sleepflower12, channeltwo10, 1 Starseed Relationships: marsfalls11, shattereddreams11, 2 Starseeds Mystery Beast: mommy12, neptuneplanet05, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds Zoom: aluminumseiren08, grailappears05, 1 Starseed Fallen Phrases: letmehelp01, mytowel05, sailorsaturn14, heartoffire12, 1 regular coupon, 5 Starseeds Super Scramble: beachbums07, saturnplanet09, saturnplanet13, water15, 1 Starseed Puzzle Series: reissong02, channelone02 Puzzle Series: esmeraude12, marspower15 Puzzle Series: mooncrystal12, aquadream14 Puzzle Series: sciencetea04, time06 Puzzle Series (end): jealousqueen09, raceforthegrail14, venuspower02, renewalthree13, 1 special coupon, 5 Starseeds
    July 20, 2014
    Hangman: dreamprincess14, kissinthepark12, 1 Starseed So Vain: cruelvisions04, twinkleyell05, zerogravity09, 2 Starseeds Lottery: ironmouse07, sopeningonea03 War(Lose): ail01 Puzzle: petz13, engagement07, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds Mega Memory: fromthesky02, tomoehotaru01, 1 Starseed Warped: smalllady05, healerstarone06, defection03, 2 Starseeds Puzzle Series: mercurypower08, mistress910 Puzzle Series: tomoesouichi04, fiercecrow13 Puzzle Series: intotheabyss11, sassymouse14 Puzzle Series: calaveras10, firesoul07 Puzzle Series (end): cyprineptilol02, sailorgalaxia05, silverlight09, infernoone12, 1 special coupon, 5 Starseeds Fallen Phrases: marscrystal12, wastedeffort13, lakemonsters10, mercurystar03 , 1 regular coupon, 5 Starseeds Super Scramble: deepsubmerge15, finalstage05, mimete11, infernotwo07, 1 Starseed
    July 10, 2014 starter pack: mimete01, mimete02, mimete03, smoothmoves06, twinpower12, mooncosmic12, infernotwo09, partnerswap02, pinksugar06, spaceswordone14, sailorcosmos02, destiny01